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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Start with the Day

Today is Tuesday, I’m pretty sure1.

I think it’s Tuesday because I don’t work tonight. Ollie was supposed to have therapy this afternoon2. I’m fairly certain Erin doesn’t have anything after work. And Cy told me his instrument was at school because he took it yesterday3.

Today is Tuesday. Though, to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how today is Tuesday. That said, in a week is Super Tuesday, the first big primary of the 2020 election cycle.

I can honestly say, on this maybe Tuesday, that the only person for whom I’ll cast a ballot is Bernie Sanders4.

On this maybe Tuesday I looked to see my inaction yesterday resulted in someone not getting what they wanted5, I schedule a day off, and I tried to nap and totally failed.

And now, for the first time in a while, I’m watching Coco with Ollie6. Waiting for Erin to come home and in need of putting laundry away and doing dishes and thinking about things that only I can think about7.

Which leads me to needing to focus on other things.

I say good day to you8.

  1. Actually, I know it’s Tuesday and am laying the groundwork for other thoughts.  

  2. Therapy was canceled because he’s not feeling well, which makes sense given that I wasn’t feel well and he’s all over me all the time and in my face a lot. I’ve also preemptively canceled his therapy and group for tomorrow as he’s worse now than he was this morning.  

  3. Oddly, my memory of taking him to school yesterday is somewhat lacking. As in a lot lacking. While I kind of remember taking him to school, most of the morning and afternoon is a blur.  

  4. Incidentally, the person I think can and should win and will ultimately be the fourth sitting president impeached by a congress which owes an Independent nothing, Democrat or Republican be damned.  

  5. Someone I don’t know from some center in the United States wanted to switch shifts with me on a day I’m unable and unwilling to work.  

  6. Cy took off to do other things as he claims to hate, with a capital hache, Coco.  

  7. My list includes: spaghetti, the universe, conceits used in Doctor Who, politics, the organization of my office, cutting boards for the 101 books that need binding, the future and the past, how to pay for a new computer, and so on.  

  8. A That 70s Show reference, Fez to be specific.  

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