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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Impeachment Amendment

I’m now of the opinion that the United States needs an Impeachment Amendment to the constitution. While I’d like to say I was impartial to the recent proceedings between the houses of a Congress and the President, I’m not. Of all of the players (not including the President), the Senate absolutely failed in their responsibility in this process, as did Chief Justice John Roberts1.

Within the Senate, the fault in large part falls on the shoulders of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell2. His actions, a statement of being highly partial before the senate trial and his pledge toward impartiality, a clear lie, during the trial has only further cemented his place as one of the nations most corrupt and dishonest politicians.

Along with Mr. McConnell are every single member of the Republican Party who sided with McConnell’s unprecedented and anti-Constitutional3 plan to not have witnesses and to not hold any kind of trial of the actions of the President. These are individuals voted for and hired by their constituents to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and in 100% of the cases, including Mitt Romney4, they failed to uphold their oath or their office.

As has been said and reported, Mr. Trump hasn’t been exonerated nor has he been proved innocent5. So far, at every stage in this process he’s lied, he’s blocked the House from their Constitutional authority and responsibility. And he’s done it with the full support and cooperation of Mr. McConnell and the Senate.

No one should be proud of or happy over what took place in the Impeachment Trial. Because nothing actually happened. No one was asked to testify. No documents were shared. No individual was made accountable for their actions. No form of justice was accomplished. None.

The president will pretend justice was served. It has not been.

Mr. McConnell will parade his success. He had none.

The Republican Party will claim it upheld the Constitution. It didn’t.

Nothing has happened that is appropriate or proper and that includes Chief Justice John Roberts. In this situation he had an opportunity to write the role of the Supreme Court in this process6. A role that had, until now, not been defined and is highly ceremonial. It need more be ceremonial.

He had the power to do something by establishing this as a trial and as judge preside over the proceedings. Ensure fair conduct. Shut down dissension. And apply penalties. He did none of that.

We need to amend the constitution to allow for codified rules that cannot arbitrarily be altered by corrupt and dishonest politicians, and to formally and officially grant more authority to the third branch of government.

More importantly, people like Mr. McConnell should be stopped before they can once again perpetuate the lie that’s taken place. It’s no longer safe to allow the political process to proceed as it always had and this week, this trial, and these people prove we need to remove the ability to make it up on r fly7.

  1. I have nothing against the overall job Chief Justice John Roberts has performed. However, he’s also not likely to make waves or cause controversy and in this case he chose to do nothing.  

  2. Mitch McConnell doesn’t care about anything but winning and will say whatever’s necessary to do so. One of his talking points on his positions in previous years (that he’d clearly changed sides over) has been mirrored by Alan Dershowitz when attempting to sidestep a radical change in political opinion and legal argument.  

  3. McConnell may believe he is pro-constitution, he’s gone out of his way to maneuver and side with money. Lots of money. And has even been on record, though not willingly, telling Republicans his financial backers will make up any difference in lost financial support by supporting his (McConnell’s) position.  

  4. Mitt Romney is as corrupt as everyone and it seriously worries me how he’s positioned himself in this context. I guess the only positive is that he’s not become (like his niece) an outright consumer of the Trump Kool-aid. But he’s either playing to an entirely different group of financial supporters or realizes he’s a one-term senator and chose to make a name in history.  

  5. The only people who think Trump innocent are the Evangelical Christians who are his core base. And this group does some seriously back breaking gymnastics to justify supporting Trump. Let’s make this clear, Trump is a criminal. He knows it. His wife and children know it. His employees know it. Law enforcement knows it. The only people who don’t seem to know it are Trump’s supporters. As a result, this process was politicized by Trump and McConnell and no justice was done. No evil vanquished. Nothing remotely positively happened.  

  6. The makeup of the Supreme Court and its role was established by precedent after the Constitution was ratified. It’s not outlined in the Constitution. Just as Chief Justice John Roberts role isn’t outlined, he could’ve asserted Judicial Authority.  

  7. The process has been one where Mitch McConnell and many, many others have claimed what’s now taking place isn’t fair and isn’t following precedent. This has been a lie as the rules and expectations were the same as those, or very close to, that which was established by the Republican majority during the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton. 

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