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Friday, January 24, 2020

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time …

Or that’s how a lot of stories begin1, the ones that need to begin with an indistinct or unreliable timeframe.

Rather, this is a story, if you want to call it that, which is free form and probably mostly a lie. It’s based on the idea that once I had a website to connect. Then I had a website to show. And now I have a website to just have a website.

No other reason.

As a result, rather than pretend that this site needs to showcase anything, it will showcase the kinds of things that exist in my head2.

Of course, freak flag isn’t an exact parallel to what will happen. By that, i mean had I the desire to create the ability, this site would consist of one very, very, very long page with content at the bottom, a Jack Kerouac inspired long scroll of virtual paper on a slow march through a typewriter of some unknown manufacture3.

Alas, poor Yorick4, that is not to be.

Instead, I shall endeavor to write posts, on occasion, and do what I wish and say very little and in the end an outlet of sorts I shall find.


P.s. Lets hope my flowery language, crap as it may be, disappears in due course.

  1. this is really more along the lines of the fairy tale, where moralistic and scare the shit out of your kid was the raison d'être for the kinds of myths and legends and stories that illustrated what would happen if you, as a child, didn’t listen. Though, to be clear, this doesn’t include Little Red Ridinghood

  2. one is reminded of the advice to let the freak flag fly, the source of which currently eludes me. Though sources of things are like that, especially when they exist in the realms of pop culture and sitcom television. Also allowing for the possibility that it was a movie, as in The Family Stone, specifically, and is meant to encourage one of my least favorite actresses character personas to be herself … oh, and to also pull the long stick out from which it was shoved.  

  3. I’m more than confident finding this information, even for one with limited google-fu, would be relatively quick and painless.  

  4. Hamlet Act 5 Scene 1, credited to William Shakespeare. I’m not an anti-Shakespeare person, I just like the idea that in the 16th century someone was embarrassed to be associated with Shakespeares plays.  

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