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I do a bit of reading and occasionally I think I want to write about what I’ve been reading. For the most part, this won’t include fiction. A lot of fiction is easy to read, easy to understand, and not always worth the effort to talk about. Even more, the fiction we read today is often not remembered in less than a dozen years. While there are (clearly) outliers to this, fiction isn’t something I think needs my voice.

The things I may write about include:

  • Evolution and Biology
  • Technology
  • Operating Systems
  • Education
  • Biographies
  • and etc.

As for exceptions to the fiction rule, I plan to do something with:

Reading, cont.

One of my approaches to reading is “something in, something out,” which is to say I cannot expect to write if I’m not reading or putting information in. This doesn’t mean I’m always reading boring stuff nor does it mean I avoid fiction. Instead, I like a range of things (fiction) from things that are akin to ‘cotton candy’ to the great works of literature.

I also tend to find I can learn a lot from most everything I read and am a glutton for news, though I’ve been trying to avoid politics as much as possible (this started before the most recent election (2016)).


Harper Lee, right before she died, published Go Set a Watchman, which was a sequel and prequel to To Kill a Mockingbird. At this point, anything I write or produce in regard to To Kill a Mockingbird will also include Go Set a Watchman.

* In this case, some. I will deal with some Shakespeare. In truth, I’m not a fan and find teaching Middle English to teenagers and young adults without proper context or linguistic history to be a mistake.