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Brief Bio

My name is John Hattaway as you already know because you’re at my website. I’ve had an online presence since 1996 and a fully maintained website sincen 2004 (sw-c.com). In 2008 my primary domain switched, which is where I’ve been ever since.


I was diagnosed with high functioning autism in 2012, though we suspected that was my particular brand of special long before the diagnosis. Since then, I’ve been working hard to understand autism (and ADHD, anxiety, and depression) to better live in a neurotypical world.

Also see, I Have Autism and What is Autism.


The world is too full of opinions and people willing to share them. The internet is a great place for the Adonis’ amongst us to run rampant. Me too, by the way, though no longer in any way that matters. Or, if you ask I will probably answer. Just, you know, don’t ask unless you 1) actually want an answer; and 2) are willing to respect that what I’m sharing is both an opinion and my opinion.

Sadly, I’m not very likely to ask for your opinion online and will skip over people who:

  1. Want to tell me why they thing someone; and,
  2. Why I should think the way they do.
  3. Their review of:
    • Movies.
    • TV shows.
    • Books.
    • Politics.
    • Anything else that requires me to subsume my opinion in favor of one I’ve either formed for myself or are already in the process of forming. As in, you don’t get to tell me what to think or how my opinions or ideas should form or are formed.
  4. Inflammatory speech of any kind.
  5. Religion
  6. Politics

Spoilers (television, movies, books, and other forms of entertainment)

Much like my opinion on things, I also don’t care whether or not something you read by me is a spoiler of something you haven’t seen or read or wanted a pure experience with. I take the (personal) philosophy that you wouldn’t be online and searching if you didn’t want to find out more. By the very nature of being online you’ve agreed to spoil your own experience.

What You See

I’ve changed my website from a CMS (content management system) to static pages using a static site generator. This particular flavor, Hugo, treats everything the same, which basically means everything from posts to pages is a page. Honestly, that’s how all CMS systems treat content, they just have other ways of doing it.

My reason for switching from a CMS to a static site generator is simple: resources. What I mean is that most CMSs run on something like PHP and MySQL which loads a lot of files and then makes calls or requests from a database to fulfill any URL or request for data. This method, while popular, has proven to be very hard to secure for any length of time. Which means constant updates and maintenance on the server and a lot of resource calls to both the CPU, memory, and the database. Hosting a couple of sites has proved to be ‘resource intensive.’

A static site is one where the files are created and uploaded. Often this is done via a program like Dreamweaver or (if you’re really old school) notepad or a text editor. A static site generator is a locally hosted and run program that does all the heavy lifting an active online CMS does, but outputs static pages. These pages are then uploaded and can’t be hacked (in terms of server security) and serve (or load) on orders of magnitude faster. For affordable hosting solutions (shared hosting), this is the best method of serving a website.

As a result, the look and feel of the website, which may change as I get bored and play with the look and structure, is produced by Hugo. The end.

Things Like NaNoWriMo

Occasionally the question of NaNoWriMo comes up, National Novel Writing Month for those who are among the uninitiated. I hate it. I don’t participate in it. I don’t follow it. And the only reason I’m writing about it on my website is to head off any questions that may come up.

Also see, Writing